What is an Airfryer?

Airfryers have become one of the most popular cooking appliances of the last few years, thanks to their innovative approach to cooking healthy, delicious food dishes. For those who have always wondered, “just what exactly is an airfryer,” we are here to answer your question.


How does an Airfryer Work?

Ultimately, airfryers use hot air to cook your food evenly. By circulating this superhot air, airfryers are able to quickly cook food in a similar fashion to other common cooking appliances, while using next to now oil, or other fattening additives. Due to this, you get the same tastes you love, but with much less fat, and fewer cases of an upset stomach.

Airfryers typically use systems run off of “Rapid Air Technology” to power their cooking process. This allows you to healthily prepare any food that would normally require a traditional deep fryer model. But how exactly does the process work? Simply put, the Rapid Air Technology circulates air at high degrees, up to 200 degrees Celsius in some cases, to provide an alternative frying process for everything from fish to pastries. This new era of cooking has allowed people to cut down significantly on trans fat products, and other foods that cause massive health problems in the long run. In fact, food cooked with airfryers tend to have up to 80% less fat content than foods cooked using traditional fryer models.

By using a heating element that gets closer to the food than almost any other cooking appliance, airfryers are able to cook food more efficiently and evenly than other cooking appliances. The combination of the heating element, and the quick moving fan located right above the heating element, are responsible for the even cook. Overall, this process provides a blast of hot air at high speeds, which allows you to gain one of the healthiest approaches to cooking food.

The other main advantage of airfryers is how quickly they cook food. On average, any meal can be cooked in an airfryer in under 12 minutes. Because of this, airfryers are excellent choices for those who lead busy lives. You can even buy jumbo-sized airfryers if you have a larger family to feed.

To keep the process from causing unwanted odors, and to keep your food fresh and safe, airfryers also come with state-of-the-art exhaust systems. These exhaust systems provide internal pressure and temperature control, but emitting extra air, thats main purpose is not cooking the food. Due to this, you should never burn yourself on accident when using any of the many amazing airfryer models that are popping up on the market as you read this!

In addition to exhaust systems, cooling systems are also extremely important in helping airfryers reach their goals. Similar to the exhaust system, cooling systems keep both you and your food from getting burnt. This system also helps to ensure you do not get any moisture build up after using your airfryer. By preventing this, you avoid any bacterial or model buildups in your airfryer. Add to this the general implementation of dishwasher safe parts for most airfryers, and you have a cooking appliance that is extremely easy to maintain and use healthily.

Why an Airfryer is Better

Airfryers are extremely environmentally conscious and will save you tons of money on energy costs.

In fact, most air fryers use up to 50% less energy than traditional fryer models. With all of these amazing benefits, there really is no reason to continue to punish your body, your wallet, and your environment by using traditional fryer models.

So what are you waiting for? Jjoin the revolution happening in kitchens all around the world! After you’ve experienced a few weeks of eating delicious, healthier, and more energy conscious meals, you will be glad that you made the investment!

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