Healthier Meals with an Air Fryer – Enjoy Crispy & Delicious Food Without the Guilt

Remember all of those delicious, deep-fried snacks you so fondly ate growing up?

Grandma’s fried buttermilk chicken, your aunt’s famous potato chips, Outback Steakhouse’s bloomin’ onion. Or maybe you were even lucky enough to experience the luxury of a deep fried oreo at your local state fair.

But now you know the unfortunate truth, which is that those foods saturated in oils and fats aren’t the most healthy options. And what about that deep fried smell? Not so pleasant. Well, guess what, you can still have the pleasure of enjoying them in a much healthier way: behold, the best air fryer!

Air frying is an alternative “frying” technique used to make the foods you loved as a kid (and most likely still do) get that crispy outside and tender inside by using hot air that circulates while cooking without the use of oils, or using a fraction of the amount.

So say goodbye to all the naysayers who tell you that food can’t be equally healthy and tasty.As many different types of fried foods as there are out there, there are also many great air fryers you can choose from to cook them.

As with any appliance, there are multiple aspects to take into account when opting for the one that’s right for you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an air fryer:

Air Fryer Size:

First, you will want to assess the size of your kitchen and how much counter space you are willing to give up for your new air fryer.How often will you be using this appliance? Do you have room for storage?

Next, think about capacity.

What type of frying will you be doing, and for how many people? Consider how much food the air fryer can accommodate, and whether or not you will take advantage of a larger sized model.

Air Fryer Price:

In general, air frying is a more cost-effective alternative to frying in addition to being healthier.

Think of all the money you’ll save on wasted oil that ends up in the sink, as well as sponges and grease removing liquid from having to wash all those yucky, gooey oils that get stuck on your pots, pans, and utensils.

Some of the best options out there start at around $150-$200, but if you’re on a smaller budget, you can snag a well-maintained refurbished one for much less.

Just like with size, think about how often you’ll be using it and for what purpose in determining what kind of investment you want to make.

Air Fryer Design:

Deep-frying is a very messy business, what with all the splattering and sputtering and spilling. And then comes the fun part: cleaning up. If you want to avoid the inconvenience, go for a model that has easily removable, dishwasher-safe parts. Some air fryers come with racks while others come with a basket. Think about what foods you want to air fry, and how. Will you be making a variety or veggie chips, or just fryin’ up a big ol’ basket of tots?

Best Air Fryer Features:

Different air fryers come with an assortment of different features, so consider which ones will be most valuable to you when making your decision.A timer is excellent because it gives you some freedom to attend to other business, be it in the kitchen or not.

However, not all timers are created equal. Are you planning on setting it and forgetting it? Look for a fryer with auto shut-off.

Are you more of an old-school knob-turner? Then perhaps you want manually adjustable controls as opposed to a digital touch screen. Also, don’t forget about the extras!

There are some great optional accessories available, depending on which model you purchase (know that some don’t have the capacity for add-ons). From fry pans, to grill pans, to racks – take your pick.

Other Considerations:

Most importantly, think about results! Some air fryers are known to implement settings that aren’t as accurate as advertised, such as cooking time. Some don’t produce the same crispness of regular deep-fried foods.

So overall, take all of these considerations into account before you move your move from fried to fit.

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