Comparing the AF400UK Vs the AF300UK

Here we’ll compare two popular models from Ninja: the AF400UK and the AF300UK.

Both are similar models; however, they do have their differences, which is what we delve into in this article to help you understand what those differences are.

We’ll look at their features, performance, and value to help you decide which is the best fit for your kitchen.

Brief Summary of Key differences between the Ninja AF400UK and the AF300UK.

Best Performance

Ninja af400uk

A high-capacity, powerful air fryer with advanced features and a wide temperature range, ideal for families and large meals.

Quick Summary

  • Large Capacity: Suitable for families

  • High Power: Faster cooking times.

  • Wide Temperature Versatile cooking options.

  • Multiple Preset Programs

  • Digital Touch Screen

  • Robust Build

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Best Value

Ninja af300uk

A compact, energy-efficient air fryer with essential features and straightforward controls, perfect for smaller households.

Quick Summary

  • Compact Size: Ideal for smaller households.

  • Efficient Power: Energy-efficient cooking.

  • Temperature Range: Covers most cooking needs.

  • Essential Preset Programs

  • Simple Digital Controls

  • Lightweight Design

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Overview of Each Model

Ninja AF400UK

The Ninja AF400UK is a high-capacity air fryer designed for families or those who like to cook in large batches.

A great choice of you have a larger budget to spend and what the higher spec when it comes to cooking with an airfryer.
Key Features:

  • 5.2-liter basket
  • 1700 watts of power
  • Wide temperature range (40-200°C)
  • 9 preset cooking programs
  • Sleek, modern design with a digital display
  • Multi-functionality: air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and bake

Ninja AF300UK

The Ninja AF300UK is a slightly smaller model but still offers robust features suitable for everyday use.

Most ideal for smaller families or those more concerned about their energy consumption and arent to bothered about having all the tech and gadgetry options at their disposal.
Key Features:

  • 4.2-liter basket
  • 1500 watts of power (more energy efficient)
  • Temperature range of 50-200°C
  • 6 preset cooking programs
  • A Compact design with intuitive controls
  • Versatile cooking options: air fry, roast, reheat, and bake

Ninja AF400UK BVs AF300UK Feature Comparison Table


Ninja AF400UK

Ninja AF300UK

Basket Size

5.2 liters

4.2 liters


1700 watts

1500 watts

Temperature Range



Preset Programs




 Air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, bake

Air fry, roast, reheat, bake


Larger, more robust

More compact, lightweight




Digital Display

User Interface

Touch screen

Simple digital controls 

Cooking Speed

Faster due to higher wattage

Slightly slower





Ideal For

Families, larger meals, entertaining

Individuals, smaller households

Energy Consumption



Design and Build Quality

Both the Ninja AF400UK and AF300UK boast high-quality construction and modern aesthetics.

As you would expect, coming from the same company, they have similar design and build quality. Also backed up with manufacturers warranty which is usually standard when purchasing.

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Larger, more robust build, ideal for bigger kitchens.
  • Made with durable, heat-resistant materials.
  • Features a digital touch screen for easy navigation.
  • Larger footprint due to higher capacity.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • More compact and lightweight, perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Also made with durable materials, ensuring longevity.
  • Simple, user-friendly controls with a digital display.
  • Smaller footprint, making it easier to store.


Cooking Capabilities

Ninja AF400UK Pros V Cons



  • Large capacity

  • Fast cooking times

  • Advanced features and multiple presets

  • Larger footprint

  • Higher power consumption

  • Higher price

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Equipped with 1700 watts of power, offering fast and even cooking.
  • Cooking a variety of foods with ease, from fries to chicken wings.
  • Cooks larger quantities efficiently due to its bigger basket size.

Ninja AF300UK Pros V Cons



  • Compact size

  • Energy efficient

  • Easy to use

  • Smaller capacity

  • Fewer preset programs

  • Longer cooking times

Ninja AF300UK:

  • Comes with 1500 watts of power, which is still robust for most cooking needs.
  • Slightly longer cooking times compared to the AF400UK. But still quicker than oven.
  • Ideal for smaller meals, smaller families or side dishes.

Temperature Range

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Wide temperature range from 40-200°C.
  • Excellent for a variety of cooking methods including slow cooking and high-heat frying.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • Temperature range from 50-200°C.
  • Versatile enough for most air frying needs, though lacks the lower temperature range of the AF400UK, but can still do a great job for you and your families needs.

Cooking Speed

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Faster cooking times due to higher wattage and larger capacity.
  • Suitable for batch cooking and meal prepping.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • Slightly slower due to lower wattage.
  • Better suited for everyday, smaller-scale cooking.

With most aifryers today, speeding up cooking times is inevitable, especially over oven cooking.

However, with this the AF400UK edges over the AF300UK. However, if you are energy consumption cautious then the AF300UK may be the way forward as it gives upto 200 watts in energy saving.

User Experience

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Digital touch screen is intuitive and responsive.
  • Preset programs simplify cooking.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • User-friendly controls, though simpler than the AF400UK.
  • Easy to navigate for beginners and experienced users alike.

As you would expect the slightly more expensive model offers a bit more with control at your fingertips

But if your not overly “techy” and cooking is your main thing here, either control panel is fine and will go a great job to assist with your cooking.


Ninja AF400UK:

  • 5.2-liter basket.
  • Perfect for families or those who entertain often.
  • Can cook larger meals in one go, reducing the need for multiple batches.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • 4.2-liter basket.
  • Ideal for individuals or smaller households.
  • Adequate for single meals or small side dishes.

The Ninja AF400UK wins out here, offering a full litre extra in capacity.

Technology and Features

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Advanced features include 9 preset programs.
  • Multifunctional capabilities: air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and bake.
  • Digital display enhances usability.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • Comes with 6 preset programs.
  • Versatile but fewer functions compared to the AF400UK.
  • Simple, straightforward digital controls.

Once again the Ninja AF400UK wins here, with its extra 3 presets.

Energy Efficiency

Ninja AF400UK:

  • Consumes 1700 watts, more power but cooks faster, potentially saving energy in the long run.
  • Suitable for frequent, high-volume cooking.

Ninja AF300UK:

  • Uses 1500 watts, slightly more energy-efficient for smaller meals.
  • Ideal for regular, everyday use without heavy energy consumption.

Here the Ninja AF300UK wins; if saving energy is key for you, then this is one to consider.


Ninja AF400UK is ideal if you:

  • Have a larger household or entertain frequently.
  • Need a higher capacity and more powerful performance.
  • Prefer having a wider range of preset programs and multifunctional capabilities.
  • Seeking all singing and dancing airfryer experience 🙂

Ninja AF300UK is perfect if you:

  • Have a smaller kitchen or cook for fewer people.
  • Want a more compact and energy-efficient model.
  • Appreciate simplicity and straightforward controls.
  • Have less of budget to spend.

By focusing on all of these specifications an criteria which we have broke down for you it will help you make an informed decision based on your cooking habits and household needs which model of Ninja Airfyer is most suitable for you.

When deciding between the Ninja AF400UK and AF300UK, it ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences, hopefully we have been able to shed more light on this for you 🙂

Both models offer excellent build quality, reliable performance, and versatile cooking options.
Whatever you choose, both are a great option, and the best thing is, you’ll be making a healthy and convenient addition to your kitchen!

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