How to Clean a Deep Fryer

Even the most durable appliances will start to deteriorate fast if it is not maintained properly. This is why it is important that you know how to clean a deep fryer correctly. Depending on how frequent you are using the fryer, you might need to clean it at least twice a week. Keep in mind that you might end up damaging your deep fryer while cleaning if you are not doing it the right way. If you just bought a new deep fryer, then be sure to follow the cleaning steps discussed below.

Cool Down

Do not clean the fryer if you just used it a few moments ago because this might result to damage. It is dangerous to clean a deep fryer while it is still plug because it might lead to accidental electrocution. Unplug the fryer first, and leave it for two hours to cool. After that, remove the frying basket and put it on the sink. Remove the oil from the pan and pour it in a container, and assess if you can still reuse the oil. Dispose the oil properly if you do not want to recycle it.

Scrape and Degreaset

Remove large food debris by scraping them off using a rubber spatula. Submerging the deep fryer in water may result to irreparable damage that is why most experts discourage such practice. It is best to emulsify the oil using a degreaser solution. Pour the degreaser around the basket and pan. Leave it there for at least ten minutes in order to give the degreaser enough time to soak into the crusted food debris. Before you start cleaning, add at least eight drops of dish soap.


Consider using a mesh scrubber that is made of plastic in order to minimize abrasion while ensuring you are able to clean the fryer effectively. Start scrubbing at the bottom of the pan, then move to the side and work your way upward. Scrub in a circular motion in order to clean effectively. If you are done scrubbing the bottom and side of your deep fryer, fill it with hot water. Let the hot water sit for at least 30 minutes.

Clean the Deep Fryer Coil

Most people consider the cleaning of the fryer coil a tricky task. Learning how to clean the coils of a commercial deep fryer is absolutely important. The coil serves as the fryer’s heating element, so keeping it clean ensures that your deep fryer functions effectively. Cleaning the unit will also help keep the coil of your commercial deep fryer completely clean. This will also limit the presence of burned food debris in your oil.

Deep Fryer Coil

Rinse the Fryer

If 30 minutes have passed since you filled the fryer with hot water, you can start rinsing it. Pour half of the water, and wipe the side and bottom of the fryer using a sponge. Rinse the fryer until you are sure that you already removed the soap. Wipe dry the outside of the fryer, but leave its interior to air-dry.

Cleaning Reminder

There are special cleaning agents and equipment that are specially designed for cleaning a commercial deep fryer, so consider on investing on those products. Do not forget to read the cleaning manuals provided by the manufacturer. Cleaning instructions may vary in different models because of their differences in design and features.

Be sure the frying basket and the pan are completely dry before you put them back in the electrical component of the fryer. Keep in mind that moisture will cause electrical wires to malfunction, which may even lead to permanent damage to your fryer. Consider using stronger cleaning agents if the stains are difficult to remove. Just make sure you rinse thoroughly to ensure that no trace of cleansers are left on the fryer.


A considerable amount of time is needed when cleaning a deep fryer, but the steps are not that complicated. Keeping your fryer clean will help prolong its life while ensuring that it remains in a functional condition. Build-ups can affect the flavor of the foods, which is another reasons why periodic cleaning is essential. A long-handled scrub specially designed to clean fryers will make cleaning convenient for you.

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