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Have you ever wanted to make delicious fried foods in the comfort of your own kitchen?  Does your family enjoy chicken nuggets, french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, fried shrimp or hot wings?  If they do, then I’ve got a great product that allows you to make all of these delicious foods hot and fresh in your own kitchen.  It’s the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 8 Cup 35021 with Cool Touch technology.  This deep fryer has all the great features of a commercial deep fryer in a nice compact package for home use.  Here are some of the great features:

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer


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Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

One of the Best Deep Fryer with unique features including the cool touch technology.


The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer holds eight cups of oil.  That allows you to cook up to six cups of french fries or other foods in a single batch.  The large capacity of this deep fryer makes it more convenient to cook for your family by reducing the number of batches for each meal.  Your kids won’t be done eating before you even sit down.

Cool Touch Technology

For any appliance that uses heat to cook, burns are always a concern.  The high temperatures associated with deep frying make this an important safety issue.  Hamilton Beach has made this deep fryer as safe as possible with their Cool Touch feature.  This deep fryer has an enamel coated housing that encloses all of the hot components.  The housing stays much cooler than the cooking temperatures, which reduces the risk of burns due to touching the fryer accidentally.  This feature makes this deep fryer much safer than many others on the market.

Control Panel

The controls on the Hamilton Beach deep fryer are straightforward and easy to use.  A red light indicates that the power is on, a green light indicates when your oil has reached the desired temperature, and the temperature is adjusted by rotating a dial.  Maximum temperature is 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  An additional button releases the latch on the lid so you can open it.  This deep fryer is so easy to use, you’ll be serving up chicken tenders in no time.

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer

The Lid

One of the best features on this deep fryer is the ability to use the lid.  Unlike other fryers, the Hamilton Beach is designed to cook your food with the lid shut.  This eliminates the bulk of any messes due to splattering oil.  You can also lift up the basket to drain your food while the lid is still shut, which is clean and convenient.  This deep fryer keeps the oily mess from splattering down to a minimum.


An important part of any deep fryer is cleanup.  Oil breaks down over time, so you should regularly clean your fryer and change out the oil.  Cleaning the Hamilton Beach deep fryer is incredibly easy.  The lid, oil tank, and heating element are all removable so you can clean them without any hassle.  Once you remove these items, cleaning the inside of the fryer is easy as well.  The enamel coated exterior simply wipes clean with dish soap and water.  The cleanability of this deep fryer is something you’ll really appreciate.


✅ Fries your favorite foods fast

✅ Large 6-cup capacity

✅ Viewing window in the top of the lid

✅ Quick preheat saves you time

✅ Fry and drain food with the lid closed to keep messes to a minimum

✅ Adjustable temperature control, power on and ready lights are easy to use

✅ Removable parts make this fryer easy to clean

✅ Black finish looks great


✖ Size may be a little small for larger families

✖ No on/off button

✖ Short power cord may limit where you can put it on your counter


Features of the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 8 Cup:

  • Cool Touch exterior to prevent accidental burns
  • Magnetic power cord
  • Fry and drain food with the lid closed
  • Power on and ready light indicators
  • Temperature select dial
  • Viewing window in top of lid
  • 8-cup oil capacity
  • Cooks 6 cups of food at a time
  • Fast heat-up and cooking times
  • Oil tank, lid, and heating element are removable for easy cleaning
  • One year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the dimensions of the fry basket?

➡  A: The basket is eight inches long by six inches wide by three inches deep.

Q: How high is this deep fryer with the lid open? I’m wondering if it will fit under my cabinets.

➡  A: With the lid open, this deep fryer is about 24 inches tall.  Hopefully this will fit.

Q: How long is the power cord on this deep fryer?

➡  A: The power cord is eighteen inches long, magnetic.

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Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a deep fryer for your kitchen, I highly recommend the Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer with Cool Touch.  It is easy to use, has a good capacity, it’s safe, and it’s also easy to clean.  With all of these great features, you probably think this deep fryer has a steep price tag.  Check out the prices online, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  The Hamilton Beach 35021 is a great buy.


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