Gourmia Air Fryer Reviews Model: GTA-1500

Are you a food lover? Are you health conscious? Are you a food lover who is health conscious!? Does that put in a position of trouble while deciding whether to eat those crunchy fries or not? Well, now you can eat all the delicious food items without feeling guilty about increasing your calories! Gourmia Air fryer GTA1500 is a healthy solution to all the high-calorie greasy food items. Gourmia GTA1500 is a digital air fryer which functions as a grill, steamer, convection oven, air saute and rotisserie. And yes, a popcorn machine as well! It cooks low calorie, flavorful food 60 percent faster than conventional cooking methods by using rapidly moving hot air.

Some key features of the Gourmia Air Fryer GTA1500 Digital Electric Air Fryer, Griller, and Roaster are:

Calorie Reducer Technology

The Gourmia GTA 1500 uses the calorie reducer cooking technology. The halogen bulb heats the cooking air in the enclosed chamber, and this air is blown rapidly with the help of a fan. This hot air circulates the ingredients and makes the outer part of the food item crispy while maintains the moisture, tenderness, and flavour intact. No fat or oil is used in this process which reduces the overall calorie count of the food.

Ease of Use through Control Panel

The digitalized LED control panel makes it easy to understand and use even for a novice. It has a digital on/off button. The preset menu comes with eight different cooking options (Turbo – 450°F for 15 mins, Fry – 450°F for 25 mins, Stir Fry – 390°F for 15 mins, etc.). The preset menu is very convenient as the knowledge of temperature and cooking time is not essential. While there is also an option for manual setting of temperature and cooking time. It allows operations like roasting a whole chicken to cooking frozen fries and popping popcorns!

Conveniently Sized For Portable, Reliable Cooking

It is very convenient considering the number of functions it can perform. It measures 16.5 x 13 x 12 inches (weighs 16.9 pounds) and can accommodate a regular sized chicken. It is a perfect appliance for students staying in dorms, outdoor camps, and small-sized kitchens. One can easily move the machine to more convenient and optimized space storing place once you complete cooking. The unit is also simple to operate and clean, designed for convenience from start to finish.

Safety Measures

Gourmia Air fryerThe appliance features optimum safety measures. It comes with a safety lid lock which joins the cover to the main body and, which opens only with the lid lock switch. This lock prevents accidental opening or slamming of the lid. Also cooking process automatically stops when the lid is opened. Only the start and roll button are still working.  It automatically shuts the power off if the fryer is on standby mode for more than one minute. Fryer is equipped with suction feet that grip the countertop to prevent accidents.





  • All in one cooking solution
  • No usage of oil or fats
  • Faster cooking
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Useful accessories included expands cooking options
  • Transparent lid to check on the food inside


  • No recipe book included
  • Not compact in size
  • Not a great choice for bigger families – will have to cook in batches

Features of Gourmia Air fryer:

  • Versatile air fryer
  • Multiple methods for fat-free cooking
  • Comes with rotisserie basket and auto rotating classic rotisserie
  • Non – stick interior liner for easy clean
  • Preset temperature and cooking time settings available
  • Portable and easy to carry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the capacity/interior size?

Answer: It is pretty big inside. You can accommodate a regular sized chicken easy. One needs to be careful with the cooking time, though it may take longer than indicated.

Question: Does it have a delay timer?

Answer: It comes with a delay timer of up to 10 hours.

Question: Does it make noises while cooking? Does it smell?

Answer: It makes a light buzzing sound like a fan while it is cooking. There a vent system through which the smell escapes thus spreading a little bit in the outer surrounding. Though it is not as strong as when frying with grease.

Final Verdict/Conclusion

All in all, Gourmia Air Fryer GTA1500 gives an excellent experience with its multiple cooking accessories. Users love it because of its ease of use, effortless cleaning and portability. The rotating rotisserie feature makes it extremely useful for roasting chicken from all sides. It is indeed a good buy with the cost in which it is available. It could be a perfect gift for a newly wedded couple or your child who has just moved to a dorm.

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